Training Contract
Horse Owner:
Name: _______________________________        Email: ___________________        
Home Phone:_______________________                Cell: _____________________
Registered Name of Horse: ____________________________________________
Reg. Number: _______________________        Birth Year:_________        Sex:______

This contract entered into on the date of acceptance, by and between the listed owner and/or authorized lessee of this horse,
hereinafter referred to as “owner”, and Katie Wilson, hereinafter known as “trainer”, who mutually agree to the following
terms and conditions:

    1.        Agreement. During the term of this contract and during any return, trainer will provide and perform all services in
accordance with generally accepted standards, including, but not limited to hiring a veterinarian, farrier and/or other non-certified
equine specialist, for the owner’s horse, at the owner’s expense. Monthly training fees include a fixed amount charged for
training, conditioning, or behavior modification and board (two meals per day, water, grooming and bedding) only. Veterinary
charges, farrier and other equine specialist fees, or supplements (at trainer’s discretion) are at an additional cost. Note: show
horses are generally wormed every 30 days due to the possible parasite infestation of stalls at shows and horses are trimmed
and/or shod every 4-6 weeks, at the trainer’s discretion. The trainer has the right to stop training the horse if the horse poses an
unacceptable risk to the trainer, to any person handling the horse, to another horse or property and/ or the trainer believes that
any further training of the horse is unlikely to improve the horse.  All fees are subject to change with (30) days written notice.
Riding, handling or showing lessons are available at $30 per hour by appointment only. Owner may elect to sell this horse while
it is raining and trainer will list said horse on their web site and assist with said sale. Trainer receives a 10% commission on the
gross sales amount if said horse is sold while this contract is in force and within 90 days thereafter to cover reciprocal sales
traffic they have created through their advertizing and sales program.
    2.        Insurance. Responsibility for insurance and risk of loss passes to the horse owner with this contract. Owner assumes
the unavoidable risks inherent in all horse-related activities including, but not limited to accident, theft, illness, death, loss,
damage and injury to the horse, owner, owners family, and friends that may accompany owner on trainer’s premises or to the
equine events. Owner agrees to look solely to his/her insurance, if any, for compensation for any such loss, and further agrees
to indemnify and hold harmless, the trainer, his/her family, agents or employees. Trainer recommends that owner acquire
comprehensive full mortality, major medical and automatic renewal policy to protect owner’s horse.
    3.        Horse Shows.  Unless specified to the contrary herein, trainer will have horse exhibited at shows chosen for their
most likely benefit to the horse. All show fees, including but not limited to fees for entries, stalls, bedding, round- trip mileage
and day fees for horse show preparation, showing and expenses at the show will be billed to the owner monthly. Owner will
receive all trophies, belt buckles, ribbons and other awards won by said horse and will be responsible for providing horse
blankets and show equipment for any youth or amateur classes. A copy of the horse’s original registration papers must
accompany this contract.  
    4.        Invoices. Invoices are due and payable by the 10th of each month to avoid an 15% per annum late fee. Owner’s
account must be paid in full by cashier’s check or bank wire transfer prior to taking possession of the horse. Owner will give
trainer thirty (30) days written notice of her/his intent to terminate this month-to-month contract, which will afford trainer the
opportunity to solicit a suitable replacement and prepare a final bill. Training fees are calculated on a month per month basis.
Partial months are invoiced at $20 per day. Price’s are subject to change with thirty (30) days written notice. Payments past due
thirty (30) days will be considered a default and trainer is entitled to possession, and an unencumbered stablemen’s lien against
the owners horse.    
    5.        Fees and Stipulations.
$550.00 (USD) per month for horse training
$.50 per mile for roundtrip hauling/mileage to shows and $40.00 per Day for Horse Show Day expenses.

    Owner’s signature on this contract certifies and attests to the fact that the owner had read and fully understands all of the
terms and conditions outlines herein, and accepts this contract as a legal and binding instrument on behalf of the owner, owner’s
heirs, successors and assigns. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements,
whether verbal or implied, and included. This contract may not be transferred or assigned. In the event it becomes necessary to
refer debts arising from this contract to an attorney for collection, or if suit is instituted hereon, owner agrees to pay all
reasonable court costs and attorney’s fees incurred in the suit or collection. Owner further agrees that this contract is made and
entered into, in the County of Saint Clair, State of Michigan and that it shall be interpreted, transacted and enforced under the
laws of said state and within the designated county, regardless of the manner or location solicitation

This contract entered into on the Date of Acceptance: _________________________

Horse Owner/ Lessee Signature:


Trainer, Katie Wilson Signature: